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3D is a medium sized interior fit out contracting company, established in May 2000 with a simple business goal in mind. “Provide a good service that meets the needs & expectations of both client & architect “As a service orientated company - that manufactures, we have a commitment to being the very best in our local industry, and a desire to complete every project to the best of our abilities.

Fitting out offices for international companies has always been the preferred type of business. Starting a company during a period of adverse economic conditions provided limited chances so we quickly realised that survival depended more on flexibility, with other types of interior work undertaken. From modest beginnings, just surviving the first seven years has been an outstanding success and although 3D’s core business still continues to be office interiors, now the portfolio also includes apartments, education centres, restaurants, embassies & exhibitions.

3D has proven industry track record and continues to be manage daily by the director/share holders complimented by senior personnel, who have all extensive interior industry knowledge and experience, and back up by many career experience site and factory staff.


In Thailand, the interior industry is well known for its’ competitiveness. So unless your company is different and can identify itself from the competition, then success will be limited. 3D differentiates itself from many, simply by being prepared to invest in the necessary equipment & human resources.

It is a fact, that the biggest tool that we need for interior contracting is a Joinery Factory. The joinery trade really is at the centre of most interior fit out projects, so a well run factory is a huge asset for any organization. Besides the obvious ‘made to order’ built-in cabinets, many other items are procured ‘in house’ via the factory including doors, steel work, ceiling pelmets & wall finishes. The benefit to the client is that the controlled environment of a factory equates to better quality for items that would have traditionally been built on location.

3D’s biggest asset though is no doubt it’s human resources, a core group of employees of proven loyalty who understand the systems and level of workmanship generally required. The employees have played a crucial role in our success to date, because they generally respond when we demand quality, or ask for extra effort. Of our senior staff we expect responsibility and encourage the sharing of knowledge with the less experienced. 3D recognises the importance of job satisfaction, so every effort is made to retain, entertain and develop talented people. The famous new year’s party, fair wages & performance-based bonuses attract some of the best trades people available. The proof is in the final results.

We also stress to our staff that besides technical ability, working effectively and efficiently, it also takes good people with a commitment to client relationships to deliver the best results. Often we hear feedback from clients about simple things that have impressed them – or not (lets be realistic).

3D has differentiated itself from many local contractors, showing a managerial responsibility on safety issues by anticipating & implementing international style Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) changes. All supervisors have attended a two day safety training course with half of our total staff having attended our annual February first aid course. In our industry, it is imperative that we are all proactive on safety issues, making our employees better equipped and better aware of potential safety risks. In Thailand, the investment in simple OH&S standards is made worthwhile when seeing the smiling faces after a training course.

Another way to differentiate your company is to have an eye for innovation. In particular 3D has invested a lot of time and money in the design & extrusion of aluminum door profiles to suit client needs. On the sites and in the factory, we are constantly seeking better quality products and innovative ways to improve our processes & services.   

We believe the 3D approach is all little different compared to other contractors in Thailand, all aimed at providing more benefit to the clients and our staff.