Interior images in books or magazines can often give the impression that Thailand is stuck in design time warp of hand carved teak finishes built that traditional way.  To the contrary, this website is evidence of the availability of talented designers using interesting materials, and specialist interior contractor that can turn the concept into reality.

Although often asked, we at 3D Interiors never profess to have expertise in the interiors design field.  Instead, 3D's role in the overall project scheme is generally that of main contractor.  3D has a proven track record in Thailand's interior contracting industry and has all of the attributes you would expect to find from a company whose goal is continual improvement.

It is often said that people work in this industry for the self-satisfaction upon completion of creating something special.  That is true, but make no mistake, except for the 'under construction' photos of Jeremy Kings Staircase, what the website gallery photos don't show is that more often than not it is a long, hard, grind from start to finish of each project.  So when the going gets tough, reflecting on past achievements can be inspirational and remind us what this industry is all about.

Like interior design, I don't profess to be a writer either, but when I find some more spare time, I will y and write an insight into each project from anyone that can be bothered reading it.

More than just a website, this is a tribute to the efforts of all the clients, design consultants, suppliers, sub-contractors and our own staff that have dedicated their time to 'the project' in years gone past.  Least not forgot the partners friends & families who have likely sat waiting more than once for the return of their loved ones.

Please enjoy.



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